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  As a consultant when you complete your profile be prepared to spend the time to complete as many fields as are relevant, with as much detailed information about yourself and your expertise as the form supports. Key word searching by an organization may return your profile that would not have otherwise. Keep your profile current, ensuring your contact information and credentials are up to date. Ensure you have current reference information to provide if contacted by a potential client.

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It is important that users of this site conduct themselves in a manner that will convey honesty and good faith to create a stronger, better cultural landscape in Canada.

We ask that you read the following Statement of Values carefully.

1. Responsibility of all site users:

Site Users shall:

  • enhance the effectiveness of consulting through the exchange of information and experience;
  • give appropriate credit for work done by others;
  • respect the interests of the employer or client insofar as it is consistent with the public welfare and Culture Consultants Statement of Values and shall regard as confidential all information obtained about the financial affairs, technical methods or any other matters pertaining to the client's or employer's business.

2. Personal and Professional integrity of Consultants.

Site users who are engaged as consultants are expected to:

  • not engage in any illegal or unethical conduct
  • only provide a professional opinion after being as fully informed as might reasonably be expected
  • regard as confidential all information gathered as part of an assignment and not take personal, financial or other advantage of this information nor allow others to take advantage of this information
  • render or perform services based on adequate research and preparation and not neglect services they have agreed to perform
  • only undertake assignments when the anticipated result will be of benefit to the client
  • not maliciously or falsely injure the professional reputation, prospects or practice or attempt to displace other site users;
  • not accept remuneration or benefit from an outside party in connection with a client's project without the client's knowledge and written consent
  • avoid or disclose any conflict of interest which might influence the performance of their work for an employer or client.

3. Personal and Professional integrity of those engaging consultant services:

Site users who engage consultants are expected to:

  • not engage in any illegal or unethical conduct
  • render the most accurate information so that the consultant(s) can gain a complete understanding of the circumstances under which they have been engaged
  • maliciously or falsely injure the professional reputation, prospects or practice of a consultant.

4. Proposals and fees

Site users must try to ensure at all times that consulting is carried out in a financially responsible manner. Those asking remuneration for services will:

  • charge an appropriate fee for their services taking into account factors such as the nature of services, ability and reputation, degree of responsibility, and assumed benefit to the client
  • agree on fees or the basis of the calculation of fees prior to providing consulting services
  • try to ensure at all times that the client receives a written proposal outlining the objectives, scope and fee for the proposed work
  • before submitting a proposal confer with the prospective client and gain a clear understanding of the scope of work, the issues or other matters that may arise during the course of such work and the anticipated benefits at completion of the work.

6. Mediation

Should conflict arise between individuals regarding these statements of values, individuals will be asked to submit written reports regarding the surrounding circumstances.  A volunteer mediator will be asked to make a recommendation to resolve the conflict after reviewing documentation.

Statement of Liability is an independent third party, and is in no way responsible or liable for outcomes between site users.  While the the site’s producers have endeavored to provide a number of tools to aid in identifying needs and organizational readiness, they are by no means extensive, and should not be the sole means by which decisions are made.  Internal research and communications with prospective clients/expertise is the responsibility of the site user.


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